Art always played a great role in my life. In my childhood, I was always attracted by dancing and singing. Later on in my youth, I discovered the elegance of dancers and actors in dramas I watched. Working as an educator, I could develop my creativity while I was drawing and decorating. Great mexican painters and muralists as Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros had a huge influence on my development as an artist, because I was practising my skills in wall painting in a kindergarten in which I worked for years and in decorating dance or theatre shows, too. Furthermore, I also created the marionettes for children sideshows in the kindergarten.
Based on the daily experiences in my contrary homeland Mexico, the different colors and passions characterised my art. Having arrived in Germany in 1981 I started modeling the human figure – mostly the adult female figure – with materials like papiermaché, wax, modeling clay, plaster, cement, etc.
I had the chance to take part in courses of modeling of Prof. Kampmann, a sculptor living in Kamen, Germany.

One might say that this was the beginning of my career as a sculpter and that is why I am calling this stage:

Stage of Bronze.

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The classic antiquity had a huge impact on me, especially the artworks of great Greek sculptors of the fifth century before Christ (such as Myron, Polyklet, Phidias) and the fourth century BC (such as Skopas, Praxiteles and Lyssip). Nonetheless, great artists of the Renaissance (such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael) as well as great artists from the neoclassicism (such as Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel) inspired me. In this stage, I modeled several pieces in wax and let them cast in bronze.

Stage of Diversity.

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Living in countries as Mexico, South Africa, Panama, Spain and Germany with different and similar cultures at the same time had an immense impact on my career as a sculptor and painter. While discovering the cultural, social, political and sentimental differences, I was able to discover and use a variety of materials for painting and modeling figures.
My affinity and admiration for technology and innovation helped me to stay up to date. The materials I am using for my works of art are papiermaché, plaster, various paste, as well as sawdust, salt, porcelain, FIMO mats, mud, wire mesh, silk, silver and gold painting.


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Apart from scuplting, painting was always a passion of mine and took an enormous role in my development as an artist. Due to its praticality and mobility was the painting always by my site while I was traveling, because I was not able to model figures without taking all the required materials and tools with me. Expressing myself through my paintings strengthened my ambition to this kind of art. I used different techniques as pastel, oil, collages and mixtures of materials. Although I am painting landscapes and animals occasionally, I am painting mostly the desires, passions, emotions, and cares of the people.